Department of Design

The core tasks of the Department of Design are design research, art and creative practice in the field of design, and professional design education. The department offers an environment where research, art, education and cross-sectorial collaboration are integrated. We believe that learning is a shared experience where all actors contribute from various perspectives, leading to new insights, experiences and innovations.

Our work is based on expertise in design practice in various fields, excellence in research, insight in art, Finnish design heritage, sensitivity to the needs of society and industry, and dynamic international dialogue. The Department of Design subscribes to the values of Aalto University, including the following: a passion for exploration; the courage to influence and excel; the freedom to be creative and critical; taking the responsibility to accept, care and inspire; and integrity, openness and equality.

The main research fields of the department are collaborative and human-centred design, sustainable design and practice-led design research. Design education at the department covers a wide range of professional practices and conceptual competences including product design, industrial design, service design, co-design, interaction design, spatial design, fashion design, textile design, craft design, sustainable design and design management.

The Department of Design has 800 students, about 70 of whom are at the doctoral level. The department employs 30 professors and lectures, and about 50 researchers and research and teaching assistants.



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